Welcome to our JHP Skola site!

This site and it’s pages are created by the student of the JHP School near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

imageAs part of the student computer training and expanded computer literacy program, we are having students create the first web pages.  We hope to see this site continue to evolve over time.  To meet some of the students and see there first web pages visit the pages listed.

This school, as well as several others, are part of and supported by The Cambodian School Project charity.  You can learn more about the efforts of the charity by visiting khmerschool.org

This technical school teaches a variety of skills student need to pimg_7849rogress in like here in Cambodia and beyond.  This includes learning English, computer skills, and textiles with a focus on sewing skills.  We have been very successful at not only teaching our students these skills, but we also assist in helping to place students in jobs.

The dedication and desire of our student to learn has really paid of for then and also for future students.  The success  of the students is clearly demonstrated by the fact that companies that have hired from JHP have continued to contact us for new positions as well.

We are very proud of the students at JHP Skola.

For more information on how to get involved or if you are interested in discussing how our graduating students can be an asset to your team please visit The Cambodian School Project site at khmerschool.org