At the Cambodian School Project our goal is to prepare poor rural children for life in rapidly changing Cambodia. Rural families there survive by cultivating rice and vegetables on small plots, just as they have for hundreds of years. This way of life is changing as Cambodia modernizes. The farm sector is shrinking and new jobs in the city require literacy and numeracy. Speculators buying up farm land has made it less available at the same time better infant health care has led to an increasingly larger youth population. Those many rural youth who will not inherit land and who have no education are at high risk for a lifetime of poverty.

In 2011, we partnered with a group from the Czech Republic to build a technical school for some of our older students. This school is now finished and we have 39 students attending sewing and computer use classes. All students also attend English class. We have hired a job placement expert to help us place our graduates in jobs. All of our students are very poor and attend school free of cost.

In 2012 we more than doubled the land around the technical school and acquired a house on that land. We improved the house and now use it as a dormitory for some of our grade school graduates who live too far away to ride bikes to the local high school. We are developing the land around the school as intensive organic gardens to provide food for both our technical students and the dormitory residents.

We invite you to consider helping us to prepare these poor farm children and youth for the future. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, so gifts to our project qualify for tax deduction under current law. We make your donations count by paying all fund raising and travel expenses ourselves – 100% of donations go to fund our projects in Cambodia. We are careful about how donations are spent, working with parents, principals, teachers, mayors, and school officials and toward shared goals. Our trusted confederates on site insure honesty and fairness.

For more information please visit The Cambodian School Project at khmerschool.org