Thann Mesa

welcome this is my background. My name is Thann Mesa. I’m 18 year old. I have two sister and one bather. I live at Siem Reap province. I’m from in BASATBAKOG district. I’m graduate at BASATBAKOG SIGHT School. 2015-2016 because I don’t have enough many. I study English and computer in JHP School Siem Reap at the future I want to  work organization.


Him Hin

My name is Hin. I’m 23 year old. birth day is on 01 of September in 1994. I’m from sentepheap village trorpeangbrey commune Anlongveng district Othormeachey province. I have 4 brother sister and I’m a fourth child in my family. I was graduate at Anlongveng high school in 2014. but now I’m learning English and computer at JHP school 2017-2018. I’m learn i  generation 6. I’m learn in JHP school because I don’t have enough money to study at University. I’m really happy when I’m learn in this school.


Khoeun Sophea

edited_1474593180218My name is khoeun sophea. I’m 17 years old. Live in Anlong veng district Oddar meanchey provide. Right now I’m studying English and computer in the JHP skola.

A good student in jhp

Na rith is a student in jhp school in Siem reap province, he’s twenty years old, in school he is a hard-working student and he is also an intelligent student. he never arrives laimagete for school when he doesn’t have a bike.his home is about 10 mater from school and he come school by walk. he never make noises or has argument with other students. he’s a very brave boy because he always puts a hang up whenever the teachers ask questions. furthermore he always weak students in the class, explaining them the lessons. when he get home, he always helps work for school with a lot of work and he never goes out at night, he also study hard at home, three or four hours. All students and the teachers like Na rith very much.

Kav chan Hav I’m twenty two year old I’m Cambodia and I have two siblings and Now I have been studying in J H P school  to locate pourk District in Siem Reap provinceimage


My name’s Nab phos. I’m 18 year old, I was born steg village lvea commune Pouk district Seam Reap Province. I have three brother and three sister .

I finished of  Dutro high School, But now studying English and Computer at JHP School



imageMy name’s  Tem Sopheap . I’m eighteen year old. I was born Trapheang Sla village Sampong Chey commune Cherng Prai District Kompongcham Province. I’m here from Kompongcham I still studying English Computer. I went to be teacher English.

my friend is savy

my friend is Nhom Lika

my friend is milea


                            IMG_5716                 My name’s Kov Chan Haov

I’m twenty two years old I’m a Cambodia and I have two siblings and now I have been Studying in J H P school in Siem Reap I’m Studying English and computer free time I’d like to go a walk