My name is Samnang. I’m 18 years old. I am a generation 6 student. I was born on 10,10,1999 at KorKosh village, KorKosh commune, Moung Russey district, Battambang province. I have no brother and sister. My parent is seller. My father pasted away many years ago and my mother still live alone. I stopped studying at secondary school in grade 9 in 2017 because my mother didn’t has ability to support me, so she sent me to study in J H P school.

when I came to J H P the first time I was felt  very happy, because I could Know many friends from other provinces that I never had before and I can study English and computer with them that I never learn it before. After I graduate from JHP school I will look for a good job. I love JHP school that help poor people that don’t have skill me.

Thank you very much. I love you!IMG_0686