Rathana Phouk

My name is Rathana. I’m from Battambang Province. I’m 22 years old. I was born on 01,01,1995 at Korkosh village, Korkosh commune, Moung Russey district and Battambang province. I have two siblings. I have two sisters and I’m am a youngest of my family. Both of my sisters had got married ready and my oldest sister has one son. My parents are farmers. I graduated at Moung Russey high school in 2014, and then I moved to study more at SOLS 24/7 at Phnom Penh for about 9 months, then I stopped studying there because I didn’t have money to pay for school fees. My parents also needed me to help them so decided to stop. That made me unhappy because I never wanted to stop studying there.

After I stayed home for a year to help my parents to work at the farms. Then I tried to look for the school that didn’t need to pay rent, so I got information from my uncle about JHP School that this school needed more student to learn in. I was really happy to hear that because it’s the chance for me to get a skill for looking for a job. Then I asked my parents to be study there. So they allowed me to study there, but they told me that “you have to study hard, if you don’t want to be a farmer.” So that made me strict and encourage me to be strong.

My purpose that I came to study in JHP school because of I want to know how to speak English and know how to use computer well. Nowadays if we know how to speak English it’s easy to look for a job.

At the end I’m really want to say thank you to the supporter that determined to born this school for help poor people in Cambodia to get skill for apply for jobs.

I love JHPIMG_0683