Savouen Brang

My  name is Savouen . I’m 21 years old. I’m from Tompong village Tasom commune Angkor Chum district Siem Reap province. I have five sibling four girls and one boy. My father is farmer. He’s a widow,because my mother had died for many year ago.  All my older sisters got married . I’m a third child in  my family. My brother is youngest in my family. He’s a student. I was graduate at Angkor Chum high school in 2016. But now I’m learning English and Computer at JHP school in 2017-2018.I’m learn in generation 6. I’m learn in JHP school,because I don’t have enough money to study at university . I’m really happy when I’m learn in this school,because this school we don’t need to tuition. It’s free for poor people like me. I can have chance  to take skill English and computer and we spend for year to study this skill.I hope,when I after   graduate I’ll be get a good job . When I have enough money I’ll go to university.In the future I want to be an English teacher.