Tes Tong

My name is Tes Tong. I am 17 year old. I have 5 sibling 2 boys and 3 girls, I’m youngest in my family. I’m from Prie Pros Village, Songver Commune Chi Kreng District Siem Reap Province.

Now I live with my sister because my parent they die from me 4 year ago.

I was graduate in great 7, 2006-2013 I learn in Prie Pros primary school and 2012-2013 I learn in Somdach Dechu Hun Sen secondary school.

I learn in the JHP school I’m very happy. After I graduate in JHP School I hope I’ll be get a good job in the future I want to be Di signer. I learn in JHP generation 6. I’m learn in JHP school because I don’t have enough money to study more.

I love JHP school.